Overcoming Hunger on the Lemonade Diet

One of the reasons that people fear fasting is because they don’t think they can handle the hunger.  What they don’t realize is that our bodies are specially designed to handle periods without food.  While you will feel hungry during certain parts of a fast like the Lemonade Diet, these hunger pangs will go away.  In fact, fasting is one of the best ways to understand real hunger compared to food cravings.

Overcoming Hunger on the Lemonade Diet

Hunger Pangs during the First 3 Days

During the first 3 days of the Lemonade Diet, you are likely to feel very hungry.  This hunger will probably not be nonstop though.  It will come in cycles which can last for minutes to over an hour.  The hunger pangs are just your body’s way of telling you to give it more fuel or it will have to start breaking down your reserves.  Dealing with hunger pangs can take a lot of patience and willpower.  However, take comfort in the fact that the hunger pangs will go away. After the first 3 days of Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet, the hunger pangs should diminish almost completely.


The Hunger will Pass!

By the fourth day of Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet, most people no longer feel hunger pangs anymore.  The reason for this is because our bodies are equipped for dealing with long periods of famine.  When the body “realizes” that food is unavailable, it turns off the hunger cravings and starts to focus on survival.  Instead of telling your body to “go look for food” (which takes energy), the hunger shuts off and your bodily systems begin to slow down.  You will use fewer calories than normal and will be able to sustain yourself on the nutrients provided by the Lemonade Diet.


Salt Water Flushing to Combat Hunger

So long as your body is still digesting food, your brain will still tell your body that it is hungry.  The reason that hunger pangs usually go away on the fourth day of fasting is because this is how long it generally takes to get all foods out of your digestive tract.  You can speed up the process by starting your fast with a salt water flush.  Once your digestive tract is empty, those hunger pangs will quickly diminish.


Know the Signs of Starvation

It is normal to feel hungry during the first few days of Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet.  However, your body should never be in a state of starvation.  When your body is starving, it has used up much of its fat reserves and will start to break down muscle mass for fuel.  If you continue to be starved, your body will then break down bone mass and even your organs!  It is crucial that you never let yourself starve during Master Cleanse.

Overcoming Hunger on the Lemonade Diet

For people doing a first-time fast, it is difficult to know the difference between hunger and starvation pangs. Hunger will occur in the stomach, come and go in cycles, and occurs at the start of a fast.  Hunger pangs will usually go away after 4 days and you will not feel hungry anymore. Starvation, or “true hunger,” will come after a period of not feeling hungry.  Unlike hunger which occurs in the stomach, true hunger will feel like thirst in the mouth and throat.  You will crave food.  When you eat after starvation, you will feel intense joy and the food will taste incredible.  You should never let yourself starve while on Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet because it can lead to harm.