Coming Off Master Cleanse Diet: What to Eat

After 10 or so days on the Lemonade Diet, you will not only feel different but actually be different.  Your body no longer will be loaded with toxins and your stomach will have shrunk considerably because it hasn’t had food stretching it out.  Many of the enzymes which your body normally would have produced are no longer available in abundance. Most people who do the Lemonade Diet find that they cannot handle the foods nor Coming Off Master Cleanse Diet: What to Eatportion sizes that they normally would eat.  In order to break the Lemonade Diet without shocking your body,  you will need to gradually work your way back into normal eating habits.


The first few days after the Lemonade Diet are the most important for breaking the fast.  You will not want to suddenly go from consuming only lemonade to eating a big steak and fries.  You would probably end up vomiting, constipated or with a major stomach cramp.  Instead, you should consume only liquid foods on the first day after the fast.  Focus on vegetable juices, broths and soups.  As tempting as it is to give into your hunger, you will be surprised how much these liquid foods can make you feel full after days on the Lemonade Diet.


After at least a day on a liquid diet, you will want to work your way up to living foods.  If you are bored with salads, then you can consume some steamed vegetables so long as they are easy to digest.  Steamed kale, bok choy, and spinach are all great choices.  To make them taste more exciting, you can add a bit of salt and some garlic.  Unsweetened yogurt is also a great food for breaking the Lemonade Fast.  The yogurt will help your stomach replenish its reserves of healthy bacteria and make digesting solid foods much easier.


When you see that your body is handling the live and steamed foods well and your stools are becoming solid, then you can start including some complex carbohydrates and proteins. Try some whole grains so long as they are very well cooked.  Beans and lentils are also good choices for breaking the Lemonade Diet, but start out in moderation. Coming Off Master Cleanse Diet: What to Eat


Tips for Breaking the Lemonade Diet

  • Whenever you break any fast, including Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet, you should be careful that you don’t overeat.  Eat slowly and stop as soon as you start to feel slightly full.
  • Eat only small amounts of food but frequently throughout the day.  Try eating something very small every couple of hours.  You can gradually start eating more and spacing out the meals until you get on a normal eating schedule and portion size.
  • Make sure that you are drinking lots of water while breaking your fast.
  • Always be sure that you are chewing your foods very well so your digestive system has an easier time dealing with solid foods again.
  • The more live foods you eat, the better.  Live foods (like uncooked vegetables) are good sources of enzymes which help replenish your digestive system and make breaking down food easier.